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Discount Armageddon

Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire

I loved Rosemary and Rue (October Daye, Book 1) and the entire October Daye series. Nonetheless, when I started this book today I initially had reservations that it might have been written for the younger adult crowd and would eventually leave me out in the cold. However, even at my advanced age of somewhere older than 30, I loved this book tremendously! It had everything a great book should have going for it. Comedy, mystery (wow and what a mystery!) beasties; both good and bad, reputations to be righted and possibly love to be found.

This book also had some interesting and glaring editing errors that made me chuckle, but that does not detract at all from the story.

What can I say about the plot that you haven't read in either the synopsis or others reviews? It's a pretty simple one. Really!

Verity Price has always wanted to dance ballet, tap didn't matter. The problem is is that her parents trained her from nearly birth to be a cryptozoologist (I had to look that word up! (It is the study of unknown or hidden animals like the Yeti) Meanwhile her entire family for generations have worked for the Covenant a group that makes it their reason for living to kill all of the `hidden animals; although the Prices tired of the mass destruction of the cryptid's and ran and went into hiding. Now they are considered traitors and should be taken down. Meanwhile Verity's family truly does study them--and work with them and are related to some of them (Verity even dances in competitions with some of them!) and are friends with a lot of them.

Enter Dominic De Luca a young good looking member of the Covenant, come to New York to see if the cryptid's need purging to keep their numbers down. Do you smell romance in the air? Of course you do!

Things go from wacky to worse and back to wacky as more and more young unmarried cryptid females go missing and Verity and Dominic step in to investigate.

The Young Wives Club: A Novel

The Young Wives Club: A Novel - Julie Pennell I would have been better prepared to be in the proper mind-set to read this book had it been listed under New Adult or Young Adult, That is where I believe this book belongs. However, even though these women are essentially 'girls' (17/18 to 20) when they marry, it is not unusual to us women (and men) of a certain age. I got married the first time at 19 and the second at 25, so I can grasp the idea behind this book.

This book does a great job of showing young women NOT to hitch their lives, wants and needs to someone else and especially not a man.

With four different story-lines it is at times a book that is stretched a little thin, but in the end we get a fairly good HEA for all -it may not seem it at the time, but yes in the long run each woman got exactly what they needed.

*ARC supplied by publisher.

A Million Little Things

A Million Little Things - Susan Mallery 4.5 Stars

A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery

I don’t usually like books A with more than one story-line going on at a time, usually I only like this if the characters are secondary and it doesn’t impact the main story at all. However, Ms Mallery is a deft hand at using this writing device and with this book it was used to a very good advantage. The three women we meet will all take center stage, so we can look at it as if this book is three separate stories -it isn’t though, since all three women are either related or best of friends.

Three separate women -Zoe, Pam, and Jen - an older woman (Pam) and her issues with widowhood, her son, and her daughter; a younger mother (Jen) who must come to terms with her toddler son who won’t speak. Not can’t but won’t. And Zoe who I think of as the main character because we meet her first and who really will have some big problems to iron out, as we will see later in this book.

I loved this book - it is all about very strong women and how they cope with what seems like insurmountable problems, they cope with romance in their lives, sexual issues, altering ones’ outlook on life, relationship issues, child rearing and birth issues as well as many smaller problems along the way.

The self-growth of each of these women and the paths they had to take to realize their true worth, was well worth the time I took to read this novel. This is way more than a romance novel-it is a romance inside of a women’s lit novel and is well worth the ride. Except for one interesting scene late in this book, there is no sex, not even with Zoe and Steven who are having the ‘romance’. This was surprising to me, but in a happy way.

This book was a joy to read - I am not always happy with Ms Mallery’s writing, but this one was wonderful. If there was one issue I had it was a problem I had with Zoe’s character later in the book and the fact that the author seemed to use ‘beating a dead horse’ as a plot device and it did nothing to move the story along.

*ARC supplied by publisher.


Pachinko - Min Jin Lee
Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
I loved this novel. I was a little daunted to find that it ran to almost 500 pages and I found myself so enraptured by this saga that I finished it in a day (I came out bleary eyed, but I did it)!

I am not normally a fan of anything that has to do with relatively modern history (I was a toddler during the Korean War, but still) and even family sagas usually leave me a little daunted -but once I picked up this book I couldn’t put it down. This book made it effortless for me to actually learn something and to see it from these peoples’ perspectives was just emotionally both draining and uplifting.

This book was emotionally draining, a revelation, intelligent, not ‘in your face’ religious, educational, romantic ( sort of), filled with love and was written in such a way that I could actually see pictures in my mind of what the characters looked like. I don’t think I have had a book fascinate me in such a long time.

I concur with many reviewers that the style of the book changed as you neared the conclusion -but it was simple for me to see why and I appreciate that the author took the time to make these distinctions. We went from one changing generation to another and when the author hit the 60’s and 70’s she made sure to change the tone for the younger generation to show these changes in the world -the sexual revolution, a stronger women’s liberation, a country coming back into its own etc.

I highly recommend this book to those who like family saga’s, 20th century history and high drama books.

*ARC supplied by publisher.

All Our Wrong Todays

All Our Wrong Todays - Elan Mastai I read for pleasure, entertainment and I read to escape real life. I thought this book would bring me pleasure, be entertaining and allow me to escape - it did not.

Perhaps I am just too old for this kind of smarmy, childish narration or too unintelligent to understand the scientific language used (I needed to look up just a few too many words!!!) but since I do love my time-travel fantasy books I slogged on for as long as I could.

Unfortunately I just ended up on the narrator expounding on his sex life and just gave it up. I have nothing against reading about sex -heck I read romances -but this just seemed to me to be more of a 'little boy braggin' than a good attempt at adding some romance.

DNF>>>>> I have better things to do with my life and better things to read.

*ARC supplied by publisher.

Cowboy Boots for Christmas: (Cowboy not included) (Burnt Boot, Texas)

Cowboy Boots for Christmas: (Cowboy not included) (Burnt Boot, Texas) - Carolyn Brown I usually love or at least like very much Carolyn's books, but this one? Ugh. They are generally sweet and funny and with a good story.

I tried; I really, really tried and I just could NOT finish this book. I hate having to give up before I even get half-way through, but this book just took the cake.

For starters Callie and her nephew Martin are in the Witness Protection program -yet when she and the 'hero' Finn go into town they announce her *real* name to a store owner. And just about everyone else to boot. Reality check please. Uhmmm no, just no.

Finn the hero is salivating, drooling, slobbering over Callie and it gets a bit on the icky side. However Callie is doing the same thing will Finn, double ick.

Martin, Callies nephew who has seen a murder and who is eleven (I think) is just the epitome of a Stepford/perfect child that I just wanted to scrub my brain. I don't believe this one little bit -it's possible for a child to be perfect, sure, but it sure doesn't make for enthralling reading. (of course Ms Brown has a habit of making the kids in her books uber cutsie)

And let us not even talk about all the animals that seem to show up in the first 24/48 hours.

There is so much going on yet no time passes at all.

I can't suspend my disbelief this much and keep my sanity intact. Therefore I am saving my sanity and not even going to attempt to finish this. I should have spent my money on something else, anything else.

Hurricane Force

Hurricane Force - Jana Deleon I was a tad disappointed in this particular book in this series. I had high hopes for something a bit more comedic and a little more drama when fortune's secret was revealed. But all in all it wasn't horrible.

Only two more books in the series, unless the writer keep cranking these out and I hope she does. I've come to love the character's and the town.

My Not So Perfect Life

My Not So Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella This book surprised me a bit.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I would and I figured out what was happening to Demeter very quickly. It was easy to see that this book mixed different author's influences, but it worked for Ms Kinsella. I was charmed instead of annoyed.

What also surprised me is that I really thought that Katie would take the more emotionally draining way out of this mess (stay in the country), but I'm glad she went back to what she truly wanted in her life.

*ARC supplied by publisher.

The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death

The Turn: The Hollows Begins with Death - Kim Harrison I'm not sure if I would tag this book as a stand alone or not-yes it is a prequel to a series, but I haven't read the series in years and haven't even bought the last two books and I sort of enjoyed this read.

Why didn't I totally love it you may ask...because the main character's are truly horrible people. Especially Trent. Yes, it is because of their Elven heritage, but still. It does explain so much when Trent shows up in Rachel's world and I never could warm up to him (he is a huge penis head). Although I understand that he and Rachel become a couple towards the end of the series.

What I did love about this book was the last half -the first half was just so much wash-rinse-repeat...the same thing over and over. I wanted the author to stop beating that dead horse and get on with an actual story -which does happen in the second half (thank the Gods and Goddesses!)

I loved learning (again in the end) how the other's came 'out' to the human world and why. And I love that this is encouraging me to re-read the series and to possibly buy the last two books that I am missing!

The Husband Show (Willing to Wed)

The Husband Show (Willing to Wed) - Kristine Rolofson I loved this book and the romance between Aurora and Jake. I loved finding out about Aurora's background and seeing Jake 'man up'.

I love the fact that these are very 'clean' romances, but that you can still feel the sizzle. It is nice to read something where there isn't a swear word every other sentence and I'm not having to read about 'juices' and other bodily secretions! (not that I don't love a good sex scene on occasion, I just like a break no and again).

However, I am very unhappy that this book seems to be the end of what could have been a fairly long running series. There are so many other character's that needed fixing up and seemed to have interesting back-rounds that could have been fleshed out into books.


Untitled - Maria V. Snyder I'm going to warn you that I am not someone who is fawning over this book. I disliked it immensely.

It was a copy and paste book; a wash- rinse- repeat book. Each chapter was the same...go to help solve everything, get caught or get hurt, heal and on to the next issue. Nothing different.

I could say that the ending was a surprise to me -but it wasn't -the author couldn't chance having her fans hate her if she chose to do it in any other manner. It makes for the possibility that if there is another series, Yelena and Valek can show up if their child (I am not going to spoil the sex of the kid!) has a series. It was a very cliched ending.

This book seems to have finished off the series, but I have a feeling that another series will be off-shot from this one -perhaps one for young adults.

*ARC supplied by publisher

The Husband School

The Husband School - Kristine Rolofson This was actually a better book than I expected, and if you like the idea of a book with not sex and/or swearing then this is going to be a perfect pick for you.

It did leave plot lines open, but since this is a first book in a series, I expect that those secondary story lines will be picked up in future books.

I definitely will be buying the next in this series. It's not that I'm prudish -I just get tired of the same thing over and over and love finding something different.

The story backing this romance is about the mayor of Willing, Montana trying to get people and businesses to come to this dying town. One of the ways he is going to try is to bring a TV crew in and use the men (cowboys) of this town as 'bait' (sort of) think "The Bachelor" in rural Montana!

This particular book center's around a couple who had been a couple, 20 years ago and had broken up. Now they have a chance to make amends while working for the good of the town.

It is a book well worth the read and I recommend it to anyone looking for something non-angsty or mild, yet romantic (in its own way), or set in an interesting part of the country.

Things We Have in Common

Things We Have in Common - Tasha Kavanagh Since the ARC I was sent was a "place-holder" I was unable to read and review this novel

An English Bride in Scotland

An English Bride in Scotland - Lynsay Sands Where Can I Get My Own Kilted Hunk?

Oh my. This book is classic Lynsay Sands. It is everything I love in my romances. It has the pre-requisite hot hunk in a kilt who is, of course a sex god, he is also thoughtful and kind and did I mention he was hot? Then we get to the heroine. At first glance, she seems as if she is going to be a useless, fumbling ditz, but that glance would be incorrect. Annabel may have been raised in a convent ready to become a nun, but when she needs saving, she generally saves herself and maybe even saves Ross!

The story briefly without spoilers - Annabel is the second daughter and has been confined to a nunnery since she was seven. Her sister Kate had been contracted to marry Ross, but for reasons you will see when you read the book, the deal falls through. Ross and Annabel marry, leave her parents house and all of a sudden someone is trying to either kill Annabel or to kidnap her.

The end of this book really surprised me because the person after Annabel was sure not one that I would have ever thought of. Clever move Ms. Sands!

Annabel is worried that by not being raised to be a Châtelaine that Ross will end up throwing her over when he finds out and while Annabel cannot lie about her upbringing, she sure can put off telling the truth with the best of them!
This book has all the elements that the typical Lynsay Sands book has, wonderfully written main characters generally strong but with some sort of flaw, funny and loveable secondary characters, an interesting mystery and most importantly a bit of a message to us women.

I think Ms Sands does a wonderful job in each of her standalone's of promoting the message that we women are perfect the way we are and that usually we allow others petty jealousies to shape our idea of ourselves. I don't particularly like the idea that most authors push the idea that it only takes a good man to force us to see ourselves as the perfect women we always have been, but this is a romance and certain ideas need to be followed. Ms Sands promotes these ideas in the best way possible and I love her writing because of it.

One of my favorite lines in this book-"Annabel began to soap herself. It seemed she would marry, be a wife to this unknown Scot, the mother of his children, and lady of his people...Lord save them all."
*eARC Supplied by Publisher paper copy by Vine*


Copycat - Kimberla Lawson Roby I wish I had done some research on this author before I accepted it from the publisher for reviewing. I would have known then that it most likely wasn't the book for me, but I still would have kept an open mind. However, since I did agree to review it here goes:

I will not be doing a lot of recapping since you can get the gist of the story by reading the synopsis.

What I will tell you is that the story, while an interesting concept, was filled with unlikable characters and not just the protagonist. Traci was unlikable to me too and had a very unusual way of looking at the world around her. The naivete she showed when she ignored Simones 'copying' of her, was just another word for stalking and she should have seen that. Traci is supposed to be a smart, multi book published author yet she doesn’t know that her friend is turning into her twin sister??? I had to stretch myself a little way too far to give any credulity to this story.

That Simone can get away with putting off her fiancé like that was just another thing that stretch my disbelief.

Further, I am not a fan of fiction, especially women’s fiction, that goes as far as this book did to add Christian beliefs, bible verses etc.

This would have been all been a more believable read had it been for the young adult crowd.

To add to this: the writing was very flat, the characters are one dimensional and there was no growth of ANY of the character’s whatsoever.

*ARC supplied by publisher.

Lethal Bayou Beauty

Lethal Bayou Beauty - Jana Deleon 4.5 Stars -even better than the first book.

Full review to come.

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