Fire Touched

Fire Touched - Patricia Briggs

You may want to read or at least do a quick re-read 'skim' of the story" Fairy Gifts" that was in "Shifting Shadows" it is not ultra-important, but Thomas a Vampire and Margaret a Fae, play an interesting part in this book.

Possible Spoilers------->>> You have been warned------->Wow just Wow --- this book added a few new elements into the mix. An interesting yet a little dragged out story that makes if fairly clear that the series is winding down. There is a new character that looks like Mercy and Adam will be 'adopting', an unusual, unique little fiery boy (hence the title), their clan will be breaking (for now) from the werewolves as a whole and making new allies. Who would have thought we would ever see the wolves and the Fae as allies---I wonder against who (whom?)

Only Mercy (or maybe Anna) could get all these factions (Fae, Vamps, Wolves, etc )to cooperate - so whatever they are going to face in the end book should be frickin' amazing!

At least we didn't get a lot of Christy in this book...some but not a lot.

I can see how this will be one of the last books in this series--- a lot of winding up and winding down going on.

OH!!! And it was fantastic to see Adam be the one who 'dies' and needs to be brought back instead of Mercy for once. :-)

I'm going to do a re-read and write a proper review later! But this is a totally worthwhile if a little slow, book.

No need to do a re-read of "Night Broken" before you read this book (except that it was such a fun book)-there is just enough back-story in "Fire Touched" to keep you from getting frustrated but not enough to bore you.

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