Untitled - Maria V. Snyder I'm going to warn you that I am not someone who is fawning over this book. I disliked it immensely.

It was a copy and paste book; a wash- rinse- repeat book. Each chapter was the same...go to help solve everything, get caught or get hurt, heal and on to the next issue. Nothing different.

I could say that the ending was a surprise to me -but it wasn't -the author couldn't chance having her fans hate her if she chose to do it in any other manner. It makes for the possibility that if there is another series, Yelena and Valek can show up if their child (I am not going to spoil the sex of the kid!) has a series. It was a very cliched ending.

This book seems to have finished off the series, but I have a feeling that another series will be off-shot from this one -perhaps one for young adults.

*ARC supplied by publisher