Dr. Do-or-Die

Dr. Do-or-Die - Lara Lacombe Quit simply, this was a very typical Harlequin romance with the added quirk that it was set in Antarctica. The idea that the CDC is involved and that our heroine is a hot-shot doctor FOR the CDC even at such a young age, is even better but again, Harlequin can be contrary that way LOL!

While the plot may be difficult to swallow (terrorism via an ice core sample from the Antarctic)it is not ALL that difficult to swall and the author did a great jopb in making me beleive that it can really happen. The plot was a little cliched (what's new?) and the rest of the story had the proper amount of the angst that Harlequin is famous for, rapid character growth ( because the books are so short) and a set up for the next book in this trilogy (series?).

*ARC Supplied by publisher