Mistletoe Cottage

Mistletoe Cottage - Debbie Mason
If ever a book needed to come with a warning, this one should have. The warning? “Lies beget lies.” And this book and this town was filled with them. Everyone seems to have a big secret and/or lie following them around so I can see this as a fairly long running series. And that may be a good thing because this was one of the most enjoyable books I have read in a very long time. It is going to be interesting just exactly what everyone is hiding.

Mistletoe Cottage might make you frustrated and even make you dislike Sophie a bit for not coming clean (but then it would be a different book), it may frustrate you that her daughter is, eventually, using her PTST as a sort of weapon. (I can understand, it but I didn’t have to like it). You may become frustrated with Liam for not getting the help he needs (and for the author to not have delved into Liam’s issue a tad more).

You may need a scorecard to keep everyone straight -there are a lot of character’s and I mean a lot.

I loved the biggest bomb that I never once saw coming. Total shock!

I loved that this book dealt with the issues like it was ‘real life’ and not a fictional novel.

>>>>>SORT OF SPOILERISH<<<<<<< I loved that G.G. becomes a ghost and a helpful one at that; and I almost hope that they never find her book. It sure keeps everyone on their toes! Jasper is fabulous and had me fooled 100%<br/>

I loved this book…period.
*ARC supplied by publisher.