Falling for the Highlander

Falling for the Highlander - Lynsay Sands This book was written with Ms Sands usual flair; with great character's, a wonderful mystery, hot romance and comedy. (I won't soon look at carrots and a loaf of bread in the same way, I'll tell you!!!) Yes, you have to read the book to find out what I mean by that, I don't want to spoil one of the funniest and most unusual scenes of this type I have ever read!

I liked that we got to revisit some of the character's from past books in this series, no matter how small a part they played.

Murine finds out that her step-brother is going to use her and her body as a bargaining chip for a pair of horses or auction her off to their cruel neighbor . Once she realizes that he is never going to stop being a cruel ass-hat she decides to leave on her own (while riding a bull instead of a horse mind you!) and meets up with the Scottish hottie. He decides to protect her since she is the one who saved his sister Saidh in a previous book.

But as n all of Lynsay's books...things get a bit complicated and did I say hot?

This was a great read by one of my favorite author's.

*ARC supplied by publisher.