OMG! I am going to re-read this book (yeah like that's going to be a real hardship) before I write a proper review. Plus the publisher really doesn't want anything out there so soon -they want their reviews at the two week mark.

Besides, I know myself-if I start talking about this book, I'll let some of the 'cats out of the bag' and then people will be ticked at me. (a lot of what happens is sort of obvious to the reader)

I just wanted to say that is you are following this trilogy, reading this book is really going to be worth it. If you have not read the first book yet [b:Burn for Me|20705702|Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy, #1)|Ilona Andrews||40025563], you don't really have to since the author has done a fine job of giving a lot of back-story (this is also good since a lot of readers don't re-read before a new book comes out).

Luckily for fans, the last book in this trilogy [b:Wildfire|27422533|Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3)|Ilona Andrews||47472732] is going to come out only two months after this one comes out. (July 25, 2017)

What I did want to say is that with reading this book I see sooo many parallels to the Kate Daniel's books. I can't wait for you to read this to see if you see it too.

The only thing this trilogy gives us that is way different from the Kate series, is real sex, not just the sex being talked about in hints and the abstract. (I am not too happy with the particular word usage for Nevada's lady bits, but what can I say? My issue, my problem.)

I would love to see a novella or book that looks at the action in this trilogy through Conner's eyes.

*ARC supplied by publisher