The Unbroken Line of the Moon

The Unbroken Line of the Moon - Johanne Hildebrandt, Tara F. Chace
This book may not be for the squeamish or the younger crowd. It runs true to life for that time period and culture. There is raping, slavery and fighting, among other things some modern people don't want to think or read about. This is not a comfortable book to curl up with.

This was an interesting and very realistic look into the Viking's culture, politics, sex, religion, magic and myths. Not the kind that romance authors usually give us; but the down-and dirty, blood and guts, dirty, flea infested culture that is very historically correct.

HOWEVER the author or the translator made a lot of huge mistakes (at least for me). Too many words, phrases and terms that were not used in this time period, were used in this book and it kept taking me out of the story.

After a while this got to be too much and I just gave up. Well that and the story just seemed endless and slow moving. Perhaps it got more interesting in the second half; I don't know because I just gave up after the term 'heart attack' and the word 'hump' and 'goof' (among other modern words) were used with no thought to the flow of the story-telling.

This really could have been one of my favorite historical, fantasy novels if not for some of the things I mentioned.