Ballerina - Monica Loughman, Jean Harrington This was a better book than I had expected from reading the reviews. It really gave a good look (for me a non-dancer) into the life of a ballerina.

For this woman to have left her homeland when she was only 14 for a whole new country and culture was amazing.

Unfortunately some of the latter part of the book bogged down a little with what could almost be seen as whining -that is not to say that it wasn't warranted most of the time - and the issue of problems just about every time they traveled started to get on my nerves. If it did that for me, who is merely the reader, I can't imagine what Monica really felt deep down. I don't think we read about most of what she was really feeling.

If you like books about ballet, may I suggest [b:Ballerina|354254|Ballerina|Edward Stewart||344447] by Edward Stewart - this is a fictional book but well worth your time.