Queen of the Darkness

Queen of the Darkness - Anne Bishop This is one of the most emotional novels I have ever read. Remember that these novels and more importantly this trilogy, borders if not leaps over the border at times, of horror.

Jaenelle finally decides she has had enough of the horrific murders, sadism and cruelty that the realms are going through via Dorothea and Hekatah and finds a way to do something about it. Unfortunately not everyone is going to understand exactly WHY she has to do it this particular way.

As I said at times this is a gut wrenching horror read and other times it is a love story that will make you weep...a lot!

Again this is written quite richly -if I had any complaints it would be that the backstory is pulled out sometimes a little too much for me. Perhaps, if I had not read this when all the books were in place, this little quirk would not annoy me so much.