Daughter of the Blood

Daughter of the Blood  - Anne Bishop This is a sometimes difficult to take book. If you cannot stand reading or thinking about child abuse, pedophilia and sadism, then stay far far away from this book. There is no literal description of pedophilia, but the idea of it is very strongly suggested.

This is pretty much a horror novel that bends all the rules of humanity. You may ask yourself why did I give it 5 Stars...I did so because this (story-line aside) is a wonderfully written book in itself. However, the next two books are needed to explain and then develop this nine book (the three book trilogy with 7 other revolving novels and story books) series and it WILL get dealt with satisfactorily.

You might also notice that I said it bends the rules of 'humanity', but this book is not set in a human realm; it is set in Hell and the surrounding realms in Hell, the characters are what we would think of as Satan and his two surviving Demon sons, the young girl who is known as Witch - the living myth, Dreams made Flesh. The books will tell the tale of how Witch can reunite this estranged family, cleanse the realms of all of the rotten politics, disgusting (to us -let's just say that in this world murder is perfectly normal) habits of the Queens that are supposed to rule these towns, territories and realms.

The story is told from everyone's point of view except Jaenelles (Witch) who is really the protagonist of this trilogy.

This book is filled with beautiful story telling, even when working with a story such at this one. The description of the world is strong and the author always makes you feel as if you are living there and that everything you are told makes complete sense.