The One That Got Away: A Novel

The One That Got Away: A Novel - Leigh Himes
I started reading this book thinking that I wasn’t going to like it. The synopsis made this book sound so familiar. I felt as if it was a story that was written one too many times. I was wrong.

The author created a story that, frankly to use a trite and tired expression, I just couldn’t put down. This meant that I finished this in one day. (Make sure if you start reading this that you have the time to finish it! It is a fast read for all that it is almost 400 pages) I just had to see how this odd week in the life Abbey (and Alex) was going to play out, how she would get her old life back…IF she wanted her old life back.

While this is not anything more that light entertainment, it was a fun story and it really did have a message in it, that what you want may not always be what you need.

This was a fun book with humor and hope. It did have some problems with unnecessary characters and story-lines that should have been further explored, but all in all I was happy I took the time to finish this book.
ARC supplied for reviewing purposes