I was so looking forward to this novel and all that it could have, should have been. However, what I got was enough to really surprise me. Ms Bishop has been a long-time favorite author of mine, ever since I discovered the Black Jewel trilogy and its off-shoots.

The first book in this series, Written in Red, really proved what a new world can be under her pen and how innovative and lyrical an author Ms Bishop really is, but for some reason that freshness just didn’t carry over into this novel. This novel had us moving into too many different directions without anything ever really getting tied up…yes we did get rid of one more bad man (with one more left to go) but the story really suffered until we got to that point.

The writing at times was repetitive, overly angst-y and down-right annoying for me. I can too easily follow Ms Bishop’s writing devices – For example >do not have anything overly exciting happen until 60% or more of the book is finished.

This book seemed to not do too much as far as furthering the story to its conclusion.

And as a side note: it would have helped people like me to not have had so many very similar names for different characters. So many new characters are introduced with each new book that it can get very confusing before you memorize who each one is.

----------------->SPOILERS, POSSIBLY!<-----------------------<br/>
It is nice to see that Meg is going to look for other ways to satisfy her craving for ‘release’ after cutting.

It was nice to see such a fitting end for Nick Scratch. Now how about Pater?

It is wonderful that the old lady and her cards that Simon met in the first book, finally makes some sense.

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It is great that humans in this world are finally learning the very valuable lesson that we cannot make animal species extinct just because we haven’t learned how to manage ourselves. The world just isn’t going to put up with it much longer.