Huckleberry Spring

Huckleberry Spring - Jennifer Beckstrand 3.5 Stars

So far I have loved this entire series, I am really hooked and hope that the author goes on to create a few more of these gems. However, I really dislike saying that although this book was, on the surface, a supposedly humorous book, it took off into directions that became nearly slapstick and then it took off into depression land for a while.

Yes the heroine can be a bit of a klutz ( to the point that she should think about getting medically checked), but the I think that hero sometimes treats her like a child. So many people just seemed to treat Emma like bullies at times.

You need to get at least 65% into this book before you find out just why Ben left his fiancée so abruptly and then mistakenly let so many people think that Emma broke up with him. So many people got angry with her and turned against her. Yes, you do find out that he was doing it for an altruistic reason, but still, these are people of a Christian faith and this issue should have been treated a little more accordingly. (then again it would have taken much of the supposed humor out of the book)

I'm also starting to have a few issues with continuity -but perhaps it is just my memory playing games. Just how the heck old are Mammi and Dawdi? Their ages seem to change from chapter to chapter sometimes. I also had a bit of an issue with Mammi's manner of getting her grandson up to Wisconsin-highly unrealistic, especially in the Amish way of life...but it was still good for a giggle.