The Invisible Ring

The Invisible Ring  - Anne Bishop I can understand why this book can be considered and is being touted as a 'prequel' to the Black Jewels trilogy. Jaenelle hasn't even been born yet and this book takes place many years before she will be born. But it should never been advertised as such in my opinion.

What is most important about this book is that it should have been called the prequel to [[ASIN:B001RDCJBC The Shadow Queen: A Black Jewels Novel]] and [[ASIN:B0030CVPUE Shalador's Lady: A Black Jewels Novel]]. It is the book that explains everything about the character's relatives, Greyhaven's past and leads up to this dualogy. This book introduces Lia, Jared, Blaed and and Thera and explains so much.

The Invisible Ring was not one of my favorite books at the time when I first read this, because like many other's I had not read it until I finished the Black Jewels Trilogy and after those wonderful books this one seemed like a bit of a let- down. However, now that I have read (and re-re-read) the series, this book seems to fit better and is a more enjoyable read. I loved The Shadow Queen and Shalador's Lady and re-read them at least yearly, but I have always stayed away from this book because I disliked it the first time I read i., I re-read it yesterday and found that I now can appreciate it so much more than I did the first reading.

The character's are not as well fleshed as the trilogy, but of course that is because there is only one book to flesh them out and this book takes place over a matter of days (weeks ? I can't be sure of the time-frame) not centuries! Jared can be seen as whining over his lot in life, but understanding the rest of the series will do much to explain this.

This book has an important place in this series, but I am just not too sure that it should be read first as a prequel or even fourth as it had been listed in the series line-up/time-frame.