Something Old

Something Old - Dianne  Christner I don't know if this was supposed to be a young adult or teen novel, but it sure wasn't for adults. The main character's were childish, selfish and thoughtless to the extreme and I can't even use the fact that they are Mennonite's to excuse their behavior. Katy especially was one of the least Christian characters that I have ever read about.

I admit that I don't know as much of the Bible as some, but I do know that so many of Katy's thoughts and actions could not have been truly Christian thoughts and actions -even her prayers are selfish.

I have wanted to read about the Mennonites for quite a while since I have been reading a lot of Amish romances and thought that books of the Mennonite faith would be equally as interesting. It was not. It disturbs me to find out just what this culture or rather author really thinks of us "Outsider's". I know that this is fiction, but behind ever fiction is an author who is supposedly writing a little about what they know - and this appalls me.

This book needed an editor in the worst way too.