Night Study

Night Study - Maria V. Snyder Seriously??? It took me forever to get through this book and that is just not like me.

I can't tell you just how unhappy this book made me. I am getting tired of never finishing all of the plot points. I can understand Ms Snyder wants us to keep reading to see what happens with Owen and the Commander. But this book took the cake.

For instance, we start out hunting down a particular plant growing in 'glass houses'-we are all hysterical about it and we really need to find it and figure out what it can do, but we never come back to this issue.

I am starting to appreciate the multi-person narrative, but I can't say that I love it. It does allow us to be in three or four places at one time...which brings me to another problem I'm having. I really hate the author's idea of separating Yalena from Valek to go on different 'missions' in these last few books.

This series is really starting to come off like two of my *former* favorite authors -J.R. Ward whose books had been wonderful until she decided to write a series of novella's under the guise of an entire book. The same with L.K. Hamilton -she decided to just keep adding people and power's to the protagonist's and to never really give a totally reasonable explanation for doing so. Again her book's ended up reading like a series of short stories than an entire novel.

I understand why the author is doing what she is doing; she want's us to buy the next book because we just have to know what happens to Valek, Yalena, the Baby, Onora, The Commandeer et al...yes the list is a long one.

SPOILER--------------SPOILER------------------ SPOILER------------SPOILER

We have to keep reading because of course Owen is still alive, the Commander is still nutso and Valek is going to have to learn to use his newly found (I use that term loosely) magic and we have to see if it is the baby that is making Yelena's magic disappear (unlikely right?)

I have to admit that I do want to find out what is going to happen next, I will read the next book (which I hope is the last one on this particular journey) but I am not happy with the voyage getting to the end of the series.

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