About a Vampire

About a Vampire - Lynsay Sands About a Vampire –Lynsay Sands

I don’t know if it is my age that is making it more difficult for me to enjoy these books. The main characters will always be in there 20’s and no matter how old they were at the time of their change, they act 20. Since this is the 22cd book in this series that was started in 2003 (actually they may have even started earlier since the third book in the series that I have in PB was published in 2003) and the characters are sort of stuck in this time period.

I would have to say that this is not the author’s fault. She’s found her ‘age’ niche and has never moved beyond it. I can understand that you have to write for your audience. Unfortunately, I have aged and so did my sense of humor. The antics and jokes that had been played on Justin I would have found funny years ago just seemed annoying and childish to me now.

For Holly to have stuck by her vows and principles was commendable, but ultimately annoying. Not that I am advocating Holly should have cheated…no - I just felt that the story just dragged along with filler and not much substance and that the ending was overly rushed.

Not a satisfying read for me nor one that I will read again like I do “The Accidental Vampire” book 7 in the series or “Single White Vampire” book 3.
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