Dark Heart of Magic

Dark Heart of Magic - Jennifer Estep This is the second book in the Young Adult Black Blade series. I loved the first book and have already read it several times and this book jacks up the action and the mystery another notch. Very exciting, very mystery driven and yes we finally get some romance...granted it is at the end of the book, but there is hope!

In this book Lila has been asked to participate in an annual competition –a sword fight complete with the cheesy outfits she hates so much. To add to the stresses of being in the competition, Lila Devon and Felix find that something or someone is killing off the monsters AND some humans.

This competition is going to take all of Lila’s talents both hers and the ones that she can borrow to keep her and hers alive.

POSSIBLE SPOILER-----------------Warning----------------There is a lot of exciting mystery in this book that pertains to some of Lila’s ancestors (Aunt and Cousin) very shocking and this is going to make for some VERY interesting future novels.

This series is perfect for both young adults and those of us who may be a bit more mature. I loved it!