Friction - Sandra Brown I really wanted to like this book, the description made it sound so wonderful and it would have been great had I not had to suspend my disbelief to the point of no return. I understand that this is fiction and therefore can defy most logic...but this was too much for me.

Frankly, the 'mystery' was extremely easy to figure out, the characters defied all logic and were annoying caricatures of what a judge and a highly thought of Texas Ranger should have been. It almost seems as if the author had only been going though the motions of writing a mystery/suspense/love story. None of this worked for me.

Some of the action was quite exciting, the sub-plot of Hunt trying to get back custody of his little girl was emotionally satisfying and that is what accounts for me not giving this book a lesser rating.

The main character of Crawford and Holly really got on my nerves. Crawford is an egocentric, semi-misogynistic (I would have expected his kind of character in an erotica) rule breaker and Holly is ruled by her hormones, stubbornness and poor decision making.

Some of the secondary characters are even more caricature like than the two main ones.
I finished this book only to see if Crawford got his daughter back.

I see that others thought this book rocked, so you might want to give it a chance.

Happy reading!