Huckleberry Hill

Huckleberry Hill - Jennifer Beckstrand This was such a charming book. Yes it could have been perhaps 50 pages shorter to avoid some repetition but it didn't faze me too much.
The characters are angst-y about their previous relationships or relatives, without being an assault on your senses. And let me tell you, there where times that I just wanted to slap Rachel's face and then bop Lia's father over his head, but that would go against the Amish culture! ( I swear Rachel needed a sanitarium, not someone telling her that she is a "gute" girl inside, 'cause it was obvious she is not good inside)

All the main character's are well drawn and fleshed out, the secondary characters are well fleshed too, but some of them leave a little to be desired. I would have loved to know more about Sarah the mid-wife.

I really enjoyed reading about situations that I would face reading regular romances, but set in the Amish culture. I have already bought the second book and hope it is a funny and charming as the firs