A Place of Peace

A Place of Peace  - Amy Clipston If this wasn't an Amish Romance -I would have thought that this was a comedy of errors. There was nothing funny about what was happening with Miriam and Timothy. It was sad, nearly to the point of tragic.

This was one of the most unrestful Amish novels I have ever read. The sub-plots were a bit more interesting than the main story line.

Essentially the story is about a woman who has left the Amish life due to several things, one a death of a child and two the break-up of a relationship. Now this woman Miriam, has come home because of her Mother's death.

Relationship mishaps abound, pridefullness takes center stage as well as lying, both things that I thought the Amish shunned and did not do.

The romance is frustrating and occasionally I just wanted to smack Miriam and timothy upside the head or lock them into a room together.

The ending was abrupt and I would have liked to have seen the HEA play out a little earlier.

What I did like is that even though I wasn't totally happy with this book -it does show that even the Amish make mistakes and are just human. Sometimes Christian books can make the antagonists into something people are not...perfect. This book does not do that and that makes me like this book and rate it higher than I normally would have.