Bennington Girls Are Easy: A Novel

Bennington Girls Are Easy: A Novel - Charlotte Silver Weird Al Yankovic is More Subtle,

I tried....I truly tried. I confess, I only made it halfway through before the compulsion to slit my throat or to pull out my eyeballs to end this pain became nearly overwhelming.

If I had to read the childish conversations one more time, I think I would have done something unmentionable. (the use of the word "like" was enough to out me over the edge.)

I can understand that this was supposed to be satyr, but all I could think while trying to read this was Weird Al Yankovic. Except that Weird Al is a bit more subtle!

If anyone has read or watched the book/movie Mame -I think that you might see the similarities between this book and this school and the scene when Mame is defending her choice of school for Patrick.

*ARC Supplied by publisher for reviewing purposes.