Crossroads - Barbara  Cameron This is the second book in the Amish Road series and I enjoyed it very much. Usually I am one to stay away from religious themed books because I feel that as a non-religious person I wouldn't have anything much in common with the characters, their development or their lifestyles. Lately however, the Amish themed books have been piquing my curiosity and the reviews for this got me even me curious.

This book is about what happens when an Amish young man takes his Rumschpringe just a tad too far and this is true for both the main character Isaac and his best friend. Sort of an Amish 'bad-boy' romance!

Now Emma is faced with two different roads. Does she take the one she know so well, or does she try a different one. Will Emma learn to be her own woman or will she always be Isaac's shadow and always bend to his will.

What did find a little disconcerting was that these Amish must have been from a group that is really embracing English technology and other things as well. I know there are different Churches and some are a little more lenient, but this book really came off as a less than Amish look at least for me.

I did enjoy looking at the Amish from a different perspective.