Killing Monica

Killing Monica - Candace Bushnell Could someone please explain to me what I just spent 2 days reading? Maybe I am not the targeted audience which should have been YA with a lot of vulgarity, heavy drinking, drugs, and some sex; but I should have found some entertainment value in this book, shouldn't I have? I mean the character of Pandy is supposed to be in her 40's - well she is before and after part 2.

This is a cliched look into the lives of an author and an actress -how the author wants to write something 'meaningful' and what craziness happens when her meaningful book gets rejected. Oh yeah, it is also about the horrible choices that Pandy makes in picking out a man, marrying him and then getting a divorce .

This book could have been written in the '90's and for all intents and purposes just comes off as reconstituted Sex in the City but without the freshness. I mean come on, this woman is in her 40's, shouldn't she have had some dignity?

The 'mystery' of Pandy's sister -could it have been anymore obvious?

And by the way just what are "salty lights" and the "San Geronimo" festival? Yes, I know this is fiction, but if you are going to do a take off on something real (the San Gennaro Festival perhaps?) at least give it a better name (unless this was changed before publication?)

Flat, cliched, unbelievable characters - outlandish, trite plot - some humorous bits.

*ARC supplied by publisher.