The Shadow Revolution

The Shadow Revolution - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith This was not the most perfect blend of genres as it could have been. It mixed so many elements, (Steam punk, Speculative Fic, and horror) that at times I did not know if I was coming or going.

For fans of action packed books -you are going to LOVE this trilogy. I don't think a single chapter went by that this trio of magicians and fighters didn't get bloodied, kill something or escape something. In this book it seems to me that the author/s traded complex, likable, empathetic characters for the shock value of blood gore and really weird monster's. This is something that may appeal more to YA reader's.

However, I did see potential for the next books. This book did keep me turning pages (although towards the end I just started skimming through most of the fighting - it became repetitive to me) and I did want to see how it turned out.

Did I get a hint of romance in this too, or was I seeing something that wasn't there. I may have missed something between Kate and Simon that I was just hoping for!

*ARC supplied by publisher for review.