The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector  - Jeffery Deaver I have owned this book since 2012 and never cracked it open. Since reading Memory Man, I felt like reading another hard-boiled police procedural and chose this. I am now in the process of reading The Coffin Dancer and am contemplating buying the entire series. The Bone Collector was just that good!

If you like or have an interest in a lot of technical information walking crime scenes, forensic science, the early history of New York City or even just a really good mystery, then I really think you will like this book. Throw in a burgeoning relationship (maybe), throw out your notion of Denzel Washington as Lincoln Rhyme and dive in. I wonder just how many readers figured out who was doing it...I sure was thrown for a loop and I sure do love that fact. I hate reading a book, thinking I knew who did it and find that I am right. I love to be surprised and this book did it for me. It sure had my heart pounding towards the end.

The first half or more I really disliked the protagonists Lincoln and Amelia, however I understood them which allowed me to keep reading without too much prodding, the last half brings in another character I didn't like very much. I soon came to understand him too and I wonder if we will see more of The Chameleon in further books?

It may be cliché of trite of me to say, but this was a heck of a page turner that kept me from my sleep and kept me at the edge of my chair, biting my nails down to the quick while turning pagers as quickly as I could! LOL!

* If you do not want to read about euthanasia or about anyone contemplating euthanasia-then take a pass on this book.