The Invasion of the Tearling

The Invasion of the Tearling - Erika Johansen
This will be a difficult review for me to write. Not because it was a difficult book to read –no, not that-it is just that I do not want to give you spoilers, and to let you know how wonderful this book was, I may end up doing just that. I will try to let you know if anything I am writing will be a major spoiler.

I have a favorite author, Anne Bishop who wrote the Black Jewels Trilogy, and if anyone can take an unusual world and make it come to life it is her…until now. Ms. Johansen nearly surpasses Ms. Bishop’s ability to take me from my world and transport me to another unusual, unique world and make me believe that I was actually living there. She makes me believe IN this world, the people in it and to understand the differences of it.

What we do learn in this, the second novel in the Queen of the Tearling trilogy, that this is not merely a dystopian world…it is so much more. We see Kelsea’s world but we also get to watch a different world though the eyes and life of a new character named Lily. A world where Tearling all started.

We are also kept on the edge of our seats by the coming war with the Red Queen, and it is closer than you think.
A relationship blossoms for Kelsea but not with whom you may hope it to be. And you will find Kelsea going through some very unexpected and in my opinion, not very well explained, physical changes. Then again, I have just devoured this book quickly and will have to re-read this slowly to find all the bits and pieces that I missed. This was quite a long book at over 500 pages and it most likely that some of what confuses me or seems unexplained may just be something that I can’t at this moment recall.

Unfortunately the book ends on a sort of cliff hanger, with so many threads to tie up. You may even wonder, as you finish this book, just how the author is going to be able to tie all this up with just one more book in which to do it in.

Read book one before trying to read this and if you have read book one already, give it a re-read to refresh your memory. I am very grateful that I did, because there was a lot I needed to remember before I dove into this book.

--->WARNING<---Some scenes may be too intense for some -scenes of spousal abuse and spousal rape.<br/>
*ARC supplied by publisher