Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy - Perri O'Shaughnessy Without a doubt, this was one of the most unusual murder mysteries I have ever read. I have never met such an evil, bone chilling antagonist that wasn't written into a horror novel before!

Nina think that she is safe defending a filmmaker from having her film of long ago disappearance, suppressed. Little does Nina know that this is going to become so much more.

With this novel we learn so much more about Nina and her son Bobby, Nina's brother Matt and even about Nina herself.

This turns into one of the most seemingly convoluted mysteries I have ever read. Several times I wanted to just put it down, but something about it kept calling to me to finish it-that I would never figure out who done it and why. I would never have a moments peace unless I knew what happened. I'm glad I kept at it, because the ending was just WOW!