Shadow Study

Shadow Study - Gabra Zackman I've done my research and found that this is actually BOOK 4 in this series. I was worried that I had missed a book - perhaps there had been something on Ms Snyder's web-site that might make up book 4 but there has been nothing in print.

[[ASIN:B008EMKWYA Poison Study (Soulfinders Book 1)]]
[[ASIN:0778317404 Shadow Study (Soulfinders Book 2)]]
[[ASIN:B008EMPIJE Fire Study (Soulfinders Book 3)]]

This was an interesting book in that it gives a lot of back-story on Valek. I am most familiar with the first book Poison Study and loved how it was all from Yelenas perspective. The next two books didn't leave that big of an impression on me and that means I need to re-read them so I can understand this one better. This book Shadow Study, is a different style totally from the first book. This is a story told, or should I say three different yet intersecting stories told from three different perspectives.

Sometimes the book gets a little confusing with the three different stories happening at the same time. You just find yourself getting into the groove with one and you find yourself yanked out and thrust into one of the others. Yes the three stories are working towards a common goal, but it still can be a little disconcerting to the reader.

This book makes it clear that the series will be continuing and those we have come to trust may be ones we can't trust too much anymore. New characters that will play pivotal rolls, and most likely become major characters, are introduced and fleshed out fairly well, but not well enough so there is no mystery to them left.

This was an enjoyable read that took me a while to get into it.