Gemini Cell

Gemini Cell - Myke Cole Gemini Cell by Myke Cole

This is a fantastic book from the Military/Fantasy genre. It is actually a prologue to the Shadow Ops series I don’t really like Zombie based speculative fiction, but I liked how Mr. Cole handled it.
However, how this book is written may keep this series to a smaller audience. There are a lot of strong kick-butt scenes –with a few slightly quixotic relationships. It may be better to stick with the kick-butt, politicking and fighting relationships and leave the romance alone.
I have a feeling that I would not have been so disappointed in this book had I read the others in this series. However, as a set up for exactly what the ‘Gemini Cell’ is, this book is fantastic and has even tempted me to try the first book.
It would be difficult to describe to a possible reader just what the Gemini Cell is – but I can tell you that they are part of a secret branch of the government (naturally!). So far, the ‘experiment’ in using these ‘people’ is not working out too well.

What I did have larger issues with is Mr. Coles’ world of magic is explained away very much like the one in Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. In addition, the Zombie aspect is very much like Kate’s Vampires. I realize that this is a genre in which some authors ideas may overlap – but this part of this world seemed to overlap quite a bit for me. Later in the book (the ending actually) Mr. Cole breaks Jim out of the mold and I really loved this aspect. This is why I want to follow my instincts and read more of the series. I think the rest of the series will break the mold.

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