Born in Blood

Born in Blood - Alexandra Ivy Because I have gotten book 2 as an ARC, I thought it would be a good idea to read this one first so I knew what I was dealing with.

What I found was a world quite similar to J R Wards "Black Dagger" series. Especially the Sentinels. In this book you will see that Duncan's story is quite similar to Butches story (If you have read JR Ward, you will know what I mean)

This particular book is hot on steamy romance, light on kicking butt - especially the heroine. What I did find to be unusual and quite to my liking is that the book revolves more around the world building and less with the sex. Oh don't get me wrong...the steamy sex is still there -a lot! However because this is a nearly 400 page book, plenty of it is devoted to the world and this particular enemy. Also it is a relief that at least this book stays involved with this one couple and doesn't give us too many other stories. It does do well in addressing what will be up and coming liaisons, but it doesn't bog itself down with unneeded secondary and tertiary story lines.

There is hope that the author stops overusing some adjectives like the word "purring"...