The Choice

The Choice - Suzanne Woods Fisher I can't say that this is the best Amish based romance novel I have ever read, but it was certainly the most unusual..While I was reading this I had to keep reminding myself that there are many different branches or sects or whatever they are called (sorry I can't think of the proper word) and each on keep Plain a little differently from the others. However, the books I normally read all seem to follow basic rules of the Plain People.

I liked this book for veering off of that beaten path. You may then ask why did I only give it three stars if I liked it...I did so because of the many deaths, the outrageous plot with the golf course and nutty Veronica McCall. I won't say that it may not be believable or enjoyable to others-just not to me.

I liked the fact that everyone had been given choices and some of these choices were difficult to make and to stick to. I also liked the fact that the romance was not so cut and dried. I liked the story line of the two men straddling the Amish/English line and how they turned out. I also liked that the secondary characters all ended up with their own particular happy endings -even if they had to make difficult decision to get there.

What happened to Daniel shocked the heck out of me and I was thinking of giving up on the book when this happened, but I persevered and I am not altogether too unhappy for doing so.

I will read at least one more book by this author to see if it her style I don't like or just this particular novel.