The Clan of the Cave Bear

The Clan of the Cave Bear - Jean M. Auel No this book is not perfect and perhaps it might seem a bit immature in places to some readers, but in the long run this will turn out to be one of the books that you may end up thinking of as a classic.

There are 6 books in the series:

☛The Clan of the Cave Bear, 1980
☛The Valley of Horses, 1982
☛The Mammoth Hunters, 1985
☛The Plains of Passage, 1990
☛The Shelters of Stone, 2002
☛The Land of Painted Caves, 2011

While every book seems to go a bit down hill from this first one (at least the last 3 books seem to in my opinion) they actually provide a platform in which Ayla our main character grows.

This first book truly show how the author had researched the Ice Age ( Europe during the Upper Paleolithic Age) to write this and you can tell that she did her own physical research too.

The story is an interesting one, beginning with an earth quake to finds our main character, a Cro-Magnon child lost at about 4 years old. After being mauled by a cave lion she is found by a group of Neanderthals and her life is saved.

She now grow up in a very difficult situation which ends up sort of - modern man vs prehistoric man. If you read this book, towards the end you will see why I say it like that.

The growth of the character Ayla shows very dramatically in this first novel,especially if you consider she was only about 11 or so when she had her first child. Through out the series you will see her growing more and more as she goes off to find "her own people".

Most people felt that the last book was a cop out, I happened to find it a gentle conclusion after so many long years waiting. I hadn't been happy with the last several books so the last one did not surprise me at all.

I m now off to re-read the entire series!

Happy Reading!