Riding Home

Riding Home - Vicki Lewis Thompson I had forgotten that Blaze was Harlequins sexier imprint, so if you like books in which the supposedly extremely smart ‘heroine’ jumps on the cowboy a mere few hours after meeting him, then this is the book for you! This book, in the first 50% was about 43% sex…and very hot sex! Sex on the floor, in a bed, out of doors, in a shower…you name it they enjoyed it! Then again, this book is only 224 pages long so the author really doesn’t have all that much time to build a relationship between Zach and Jeannette.

Jeannette is a contract lawyer in Virginia; she is 30 years old and at the top of her profession. Zach, 36 is a lawyer also, but he is trying out being a ranch hand to atone for what he thinks is a major fault that he had when he was at the top of his profession, also as a contract lawyer, back in California. Amazing that two such young people can be at the top of their professions and be so rich, but what do I know!

The last third of the book will deal with both of them reconciling themselves to the fact that they aren't perfect, will not be able to please everyone and that life is too short to waste either trying to make others happy or beating yourself up over the past.
This was a light, fast, fluffy, pleasant and not too taxing, vacation read.