Christmas Bliss

Christmas Bliss - Mary Kay Andrews
While this book was another winner in the Weezie and Bebe series, I am shocked that an author such as this one could have so many continuity errors and other errors. As a matter of fact there is one incident which makes me think I need to re-read Bebe’s story to see if Harry had had children with his first wife.Did he? Why was Marion teetering on a chair on one page, and the next page has her climbing down a rickety ladder? The high cost of these e-books should mean that the consumer gets better editing.

It is a good story but with so many things going on –Bebe having her baby, Weezie and Danial’s wedding and Weezie traveling to New York to see Daniel while he is the guest chef at a fancy restaurant –it was just too much too much going on for one book. Two novellas would have been better. Then add in that Weezies father may be suffering from Alzheimer’s and Bebe may still be a married woman (and have been a bigamist) and you have a buffet of story-lines.
Naturally everything pretty much works out in the end and I (and I’m probably the only one) think that there could and should be more books in this series.

Yes this book needed a lot of work and editing to make it better, but it was a cozy and interesting holiday read nonetheless.