The Hurricane Sisters: A Novel

The Hurricane Sisters: A Novel - Dorothea Benton Frank It may help that if you are like me and haven't read too many of this authors other books, you will not notice a huge difference in her writing. I have only read a couple and that was quite a while ago so I have nothing really invested in this author or much to compare it to.

That said; I was still expecting something much different than I got. I know that the abuse statistics in this country are horrible, however I did not expect this to be such a treatise, pounding these statistics into our head. I expected a light read suitable for taking myself AWAY from larger issues and world problems. I expected to be entertained, not to keep wanting to bang my head against the wall with the silliness shown by some of the women in this family. Oh, don't get me wrong...the men are really idiots, but the way this was written---the women seem to let them get away with it.

Ashley at her age, acts more like a 15 year old than an adult with a lot of artistic talent. Liz the mother,keeps her head buried in the sand helping abused women and forgetting that she needs to watch out for herself. The father...what can I say! Men can be so easily led by there dangly bits. At least he finally went to bat.

The characters are mostly unlikeable, almost deserving of what they get. (Mind you I said ALMOST) The story is rather shallow but the message imparted, however unwanted, is an important one.