Save the Date

Save the Date - Mary Kay Andrews This may be the perfect beach read, but beware! If you are anything like me you will become so engrossed in the lives of the characters that you will forget yourself and burn to a crisp. I had forgotten how much I loved this authors earlier works and I am so glad to have read this book.

The story is a typical Southern one with plenty of back-biting, back-stabbing and 'bless her hearts' to go around. Wonderful main characters, truly interesting secondary characters and a 'plot' that won't let you down. You know going in that something bad is going to happen (and oh Lordy bad sure does come at Cara from all directions and almost never stops!) to Cara (the protagonist) but in your heart you know that anything horrid is going to be offset by something wonderful - and wonderful it is indeed. Now if only Cara could see it!

What makes this an even better read for me is that these are the kinds of women that I could see as some of my closest friends. No complaints from me about this particular novel. 448 pages and I read it in 8 hours, I think I even forgot to eat I was so engrossed.

Happy Reading!