To Marry A Scottish Laird

To Marry A Scottish Laird - Lynsay Sands 3.5 stars

Unfortunately for the reader, this second book in a series is not as funny or fresh as the first book was.


Man spots trouble by the way of a boy being beat up.
Man helps boy
Man gets hurt.
Boy helps rescuer because he is a healer.

Man find out boy is not a boy at all - they have sex...a bunch of it. Man has vowed to never get anyone pregnant again since his first wife died in childbirth.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the Man's mother is trying to find him a second wife.

Things happen.

Meanwhile back at the castle - The Man's mother has the original episode of "The Bachelor" goin' on! The only problem is, is that one of these possible wives are not afraid to murder for what they want.

One of the problems with this book is that it is filled with...well, filler. Entire passages are recapped over and over. The reader might find themselves skimming pages to find the meat of the story. The who-dun-it aspect is really, really easy to figure out and is a bit of a let down.

The angst that the 'heroine' has gets annoying after while. She has found out that she is not really who she thought she was and she doesn't feel 'ladylike'.

The characters just have no pizazz, they are somewhat flat and the story pretty much relies on hot sex scenes to push the book on.

The first book in this series An English Bride in Scotland was so funny and fresh, that I thought the old Lynsay Sands was back, but now I can't be so sure.

The best part of this book, is that you get to meet the female leads of the next two books.

*ARC supplied for reviewing purposes*