Every Crooked Nanny

Every Crooked Nanny  - Kathy Hogan Trocheck The only reason I gave this book such a high rating is that it WAS first written in 1992 and times were very different then.

Around the same time that this book was published, I went down to Atlanta to visit some fellow book lovers and I remember the "N" world being used fairly liberally.

The characters in this book are shallow, annoying and at times stupid. They were beyond caring about and weren't able to pull me into the story. I looked up most of the LDS references that had been used in this book and unless what I was using as a reference was wrong -I don't see why so many are finding issues with this aspect of this book.

No, I didn't finish this book this time, but I have read the full thing in the past -no it is not a great book, but you can pass the time with it.

This author writes so many other great books that I hope that readers will discount this particular series and go for the stand-alone books.