Black Scales White Fur

Black Scales White Fur - Kylie Chan If you came upon this novella and thought that you could read it without reading the others - you actually could. This novella shows a far different world than Kylie Chans' first books do. However, the characters and action in this novella will go far in filling in gaps in the original series. This is the perfect book for the series aficionados.

Because this novella is way shorter than Ms Chans' normal, sometimes overly detailed books, it was a pleasure to read. The characters had enough detail and depth to make them interesting. What was most unusual was Ms Chans' use of sex in this novella - this is something she really has stayed away from in the full length books. Well not stayed away from precisely, but allowed the reader to mainly use their own imagination instead of detailing the act!

"Black Scales, White Dragon" was something that I enjoyed very much - much to my surprise. Reading this will surely get new readers curiosity aroused and send them to the first 6 books in the series...and let us not forget that this is the perfect segue into the seventh book coming out in the USA in
April Dark Serpent (Celestial Battle), Demon Child: Celestial Battle: Book Two (Celestial Battle Trilogy)