Midnight Crossroad

Midnight Crossroad  - Charlaine Harris Welcome to Midnight Crossroad, where everyone has a secret. Some are deadly, some are funny and some just downright odd. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, EVERYONE has one!

A word of warning, it might seem to those who have a passing fancy with the Sookie Stackhouse series that this book may be set in Sookies world –it is NOT - although there are vague elements that could possibly suggest (in the smallest of ways) that it is. This is a very different world and one that I am happy to have been able to enjoy.
I loved this book, however it took me at least 30 percent of it before I came to the conclusion that I would even like it let alone love it. Ms Harris spends a goodly amount of time describing Midnight TX - where houses and buildings are situated and what they look like and then she spends a good amount of time giving us a general idea of the personalities of her characters. A bit dry, bland and boring.

Overall, quite typical of a set-up first novel in a trilogy.

What I adored about this book is that so many of the characters come from all of her other series. The Sheriff comes from the Aurora Teagarden series, Bobo from Lily Bard series, Manfred from the Harper Connelly series – I don’t remember if there are any characters from the Sookie series (yes eventually one from the Sookie series shows up but not in this book and is not a constant character)– if there were some they would have not been important enough for me to have remembered them.

This is not Sookies world, although it is a preternatural one. And not everyone is out of the closet (so to speak) yet. At least not obviously.

I will pass on the re-cap/synopsis since I may spoil things for you and a couple of reviews/re-caps I have read has already done that for me.

The writing is meticulous as usual. The humor is there and is a sly, dry, wit that we have found in Ms Harris’ other series. The mystery is complicated enough without the usage of numerous red herrings that can easily get on ones last nerve. The main bad guy appears that he will be a major factor in the next two books, so this will be interesting.

I cannot wait to see who is next to come out of the paranormal closet in this town!