Dark Serpent

Dark Serpent - Kylie Chan After so many books and so many years of Emma and John fighting the same things repeatedly, I find that it is time for me to bid adieu to this series. I would have liked to have read about Simone fully grown and reaching her fullest immortality and potential, but this series has become a bit too complicated and redundant for me at this time. I find that when I am looking forward to finishing the book quickly and skimming most of it) rather than wanting to eke it out page by page, slowly like sipping a very fine wine, then my heart is just not into it. I found it too easy to let other things distract me from this book - like mopping my floors.

So many people are brought back into this novel - mostly from the past books and if you have not had time to re-read the other books or do not possess a photographic or extraordinary memory, you may become as frustrated with this book as I did. This book is 560 pages long with what feels like 200 characters making an appearance or maybe even more. I tried to research it, but couldn't find the data.

There is an obvious war getting ready to hit full steam...what we have seen so far is just teasers to what is really going to happen. There is so much heartbreak in this book that at times I nearly didn't know how to cope. Nevertheless, much like a Mary-Sue character, Emma and John always find a way to get around things. So many senseless deaths.

The scenes between John and Emma are stilted and don't ring true to me -even Simone and Leo seemed more like cardboard caricatures instead of `real people'.

Yes, I know that this is Fantasy Fiction -but even books in this genre have to be entertaining and somewhat believable -I found this book to be neither