The King

The King - J.R. Ward This is yet another book by J R Ward that would have been better broken down into novellas and perhaps an anthology. There are not as many side stories as there have been in the past, but so many issues have been left unanswered.

I have not read the last book, and no, it was not for moral was because I had lost interest in the series. However, I thought this book might pique my interest, so I went ahead and read it without back-tracking. Had I read the last book I might have had a *better* understanding who all these tertiary characters are (I knew on some level, but just not enough to make the connections clearer) I recommend if you have not read Lover at Last, you do so.

-------------------> SPOILER <--------------<br/>
If Wrath wanted to take harm away from him and his family then why seemingly accept the Kingship for life when he was really doing the right thing by turning them into a democracy? I feel the JR went for the flash instead of using common sense about this maneuver.

-----------> END OF SPOILER <--------------------------<br/>
The stories as taken separately are very interesting and is was nice to see so many of the old faces, but I think that a book about the King and what he has to overcome when he is being thrown over, shouldn't have been muddied so much by secondary and tertiary stories.

This book left me saddened and disappointed, but yet, sort of excited to see if the next books will be taken back to the more romantic genre like Ms Ward started with, or in this newer direction to see if she gains a new audience while losing her old one.