The Chase

The Chase - Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg I love the writings of both of these authors. I really liked The Heist: A Novel (Fox and O'Hare) and I had thought that I would enjoy this one just as much, if not more. But as I found myself trying harder and harder with each chapter to suspend my disbelief I found myself skimming the pages.

It is not that this isn't an exciting book, one that has some witty dialogue and very dry humor. It isn't even that at times it read more like a dime noir novel of old or a parody of all mystery/thrillers. It is just that after a while I got a little tired of the characters being in tight spots and then - miracle of miracles finding a sometimes complex and always an unbelievable way out of them. Sometimes with help, other times alone but always in an unbelievable way.

After a while it just gets old. There is little real interaction between the characters. Oh, don't get me wrong - they do interact, but not in any sane or sensible way.

I don't know...maybe it is just because it is nearly non-stop action with no breathers in between that left me wanting.

I did love the secondary characters that had been brought into this book and hope they show up in future books by these authors - I just don't know if I'll be around to read about them. I most likely will though, because I really like punishing myself!!!