Waiting On You

Waiting On You - Kristan Higgins Waiting on You by Kristen Higgins

This is a difficult review for me to write. I have always loved Kristen Higgins and everything (pretty much) that she has ever written –until this book. I realize that my opinion is going to be a very unpopular one at this point.

• I had a very difficult time liking Colleen – anyone this full of herself, whether or not is was a self-defense mechanism on the part of the character or something other people think is ‘just having a healthy idea of who you are’ was repugnant to me. She was constantly harping on how beautiful she knew she was, what a great figure she has, how smart she is, how beloved she was and on and on. I have never ‘met’ a character so full of herself that wasn’t 13-18 years old. This is a romance novel, NOT woman’s fiction or a young adult/teen novel. I expected Colleen’s head to explode from being so big.
• The fact that Lucas could just let her walk out of his life without ever having said he loved her, even just once was unbelievable. To give it all up to marry someone he didn’t love because of duty and maybe they will learn to love each other –didn’t work for me in this book.
• Colleen is made to look like a near prostitute and she never once feels the need to let her beloved “Spaniard” know the truth? I needed to suspend my disbelief to such an extent here that I could barely make it through the rest of the book.
• Lucas’ cousin Bryce – well I thought that right from the get-go, he might have had a minor mental disability. However, I was wrong. Had I had to read one more “Dude!” exclamation, I might have just … well I would have done something evil! I did love Paulie though.

• The humor was sweet.
• It was touching and sad at times, yet the author and the story could still pull anger out of me when necessary.
• The characters (and there are many) are fairly well developed.

Frankly this was a very long book that I thought could have lost about a hundred pages, had some repetitive moments and over-angsting on some of the main characters part taken out, and then this would have been a much better read.
ARC supplied by publisher for reviewing purposes.