Highlander Betrayed

Highlander Betrayed - Laurin Wittig I must say that no matter what sort of caffeine drink I dosed myself with, whenever I picked this book up to force myself to finish I ended up falling asleep.

I tend to love all things Scottish (I would love my own man in a kilt!) and when I looked at the reviews of this book I was happy to pick it up. It had gotten such glowing reviews. What, I wonder, did they read that I missed?

This could have been an interesting story - Nicholas, a spy is commanded by his king (English of course) to go to
Scotland and to steal the Targe - naturally Nicholas meets the lovely Rowan during a most unusual circumstance and they start to have feelings for each other. The 'romance' is at best tepid, the action is nearly yawn worthy and the mystical plot is weak. The characters and dialog are wooden and dull.

If you stuck it out through the first 3/4 of the book the ending was worth it...but why should a reader have to 'stick it out' to get to the good stuff?