Run To You

Run To You - Rachel Gibson What stopped me from giving this book a solid 5 stars is that it was over all too quickly. I wanted to read more about Stella and Beau. They made a wonderful couple. The 'naughty' scenes are especially arousing and one is quite creative. Things got a bit emotional and caused a tear or two to form in my eyes and I always appreciate a writer who can do that for this cynical reader. It doesn't happen often enough as I would like!

Stella is confronted at the bar she works at by Beau Junger just after her boss was trying to put the moves on her. A bit of a brouhaha goes down and Beau lets Stella know that her half-sister has hired him to come and find Stella and bring her to Texas so the sisters could meet.
In one of the funnier scenes we see
Stella trying to fend off some guys who have mob connections-by slamming a door several times on Lefty Louis thumb-less hand. The scene made me snicker.

Don't expect 'flash-bang' romance -we have two semi-damaged people who deal with their issues in completely different, yet somehow similar ways. Both of these characters are very private people.

The characters are well fleshed out (could have been a little more fleshed though), they have very believable thoughts and feelings. These are people who I can see as becoming friends with. There is not tons of boring introspection -just enough to keep things on track. The story is charming if a little light.

All-in-all, a great book to read when you want to forget the stresses of the day.