A Cold Day For Murder

A Cold Day For Murder - Dana Stabenow I'm not going to write a synopsis of this particular book for you since it has been done by other reviewers and done so very well. What I am going to tell you is that if you do pick up this book you will most likely do as I did and have to get the rest. You will feel a need to devour them and find out just how Kate can live in such a inhospitable place (if you don't know what you are doing) These books which are a combination of police procedural and mystery (later books have a tiny tad of romance, but not in the typical way) that feature one of the strongest women protagonists I have ever read about. During this series Kate will suffer adversity like you may never have read about before and there is even one book that very nearly made me give up on the series because it was just so harrowing. But I promise you your curiosity will get the best of you and you WILL go back!

With this the first novel in the Kate Shugak series, we learn enough about why Kate has come back to Niniltna . She seems to be in hiding and licking some wounds. But reading the entire series is the only way to get the fullest view of why she is the way she is. Sometimes cranky, quick to judge (yet almost always right) loving, sexy, strong of body and soul and a friend you really want at your back.

This is a fascinating read for anyone that dreams of going to Alaska and a special cautionary tale for those that dream of moving there and living nowhere near a big city.

Kate suffers from a Grandmother and 'Aunties' that wants her in a more traditional role of the modern Aleuts, while fighting for the Native's rights to land, money, aid etc. But Kate will do what is right and correct - for her while taking a serious stance on what she comes to think of as her 'people' - those who are her friends and family. Don't mess with Kate, she gets even. And especially don't mess with her during "break-up" when the back of winter is finally broken and the river starts thawing!