Murder of Crows

Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

This is an author that can build a world beyond our imagining, yet make something unbelievable seem perfectly sensible. This second book is as wonderful as Written in Red was. You will again be left thinking "what if?" or, "I recognize these people" . You will want to become friends with some of these Terra Indigene or the humans. You will walk away from this books with many question running through your mind that you will most likely turn around after finishing it the first time and re-reading it.

Although you can read this book as a stand-alone, I recommend that you read Written In Red: A Novel of the Others first so you can see for yourself the growth. You will not only see the growth of Simon and Meg, but also all of the secondary and tertiary characters.

AS expected, this book centers a little more on the personal relationship between Meg and Simon. Do not get me wrong, this is not a romance...but you can see that one is progressing. It might seem like it is progressing at a snail's pace, but it is moving along just fine. There is a lot of mystery in this novel and a conclusion that has left me with just the slightest questioning of whether or not the bad guy is REALLY dead.

Meg is still a naïve, sensitive character yet she is not so much a fish out of water type anymore. She is coming into her own. However, there is much in the way of explanations for this as well as a lot of growth on Megs part. She is really starting to become her own woman and is finally getting the understanding that she needs.

Simon, for better or worse is becoming a little more human acting and is angry with himself, but finally comes to realize that being a bit more human isn't a betrayal of what he is.

If you would like a run down on the who's, what's and where's of this trilogy/series (?) please see:

These books are a lot different from the Black Jewels Trilogy, but there are many parallels also.

Again, you may finish this book but in the end this book will not be finished with will be begged to be re-read and then re-read again. I for one loved it and am off to do my second reading right now!